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School Development Program in Remote Area

 Volunteer Program is one of few organizations that targets its activities towards a specific school to bring that school up to basic educational levels. School Development Program in Remote Area is focusing program of Attractive Travels and Tours.  Your contribution will be targeted to one school and you will be able to track the progress of your school and its students. Education is a priority in Nepal because it is a building block in the country’s reconstruction and revitalization. However, thousands of children are deprived of an education because there are not enough schools in Nepal, especially in rural areas where 72 % of the nation’s population lives.The Nepalese government does not have sufficient money to meet the demand for the construction of new schools.
We strive to close this educational gap by funding the construction and renovation of kindergarten and elementary schools. Only 3 Room school can be built for as little as $2000. But your little help would be highly appreciated for poor and orphan child. Nepal is moving from an agricultural society into developing country. So your small help will create good fortune of poor, rural and disable child.
If you are interested to help and for more information:-